Magic Balm
Final Project

For my final project I hope to create a stop motion video using a time lapse of a specific scene in the background with a separate story going on in the foreground.  I haven’t decided the setting for the background but definitely limiting it to an urban scene; I want to have plenty of movement from pedestrians and cars in the background. These shots will be at night to get the blurring lights and figures so as to make it interesting but not distracting.  The figures will appear throughout the piece motionless, both at random and specifically to narrate.  I hope to create a mysterious and almost dark feel to the piece by utilizing the darkness of night and implementing bizarre movements of the subjects.

As for music, I plan on putting together a track to match the feel of the piece by meshing found sounds and sound clips.

Crazy short series making fun of old school educational videos, try not to learn too much…


We watched one of the PES videos in class the other day and most of their other shorts are cool and well done. check it out

I saw this video a while back and have since found this guy’s blog and other work. His site is and  All his work is painted on buildings and cityscapes and is pretty amazing… check it out